Sara is Business Controller at WorkShop International Sweden AB.

She started her WorkShop journey as a receptionist at the WorkShop HQ in 2014. She quickly became interested in finance and by thee spring of 2015 she had the opportunity to advance to Finance Assistant and later on to Business Controlling.

Read below about this journey and experience from Sara´s perspective.


Can you tell us about your journey at WorkShop?

I started working at WorkShop as a Receptionist in 2014. I quickly noticed that there were opportunities to advance and in the spring of 2015, I could proudly call myself Finance Assistant! My years at WorkShop has been characterized by me constantly being challenged.

Today I work as a Business Controller, have staff responsibility and about a thousand times more experience than I could have ever dreamed of when I stepped into WorkShop almost five years ago.

What have made you want to work at WorkShop for so many years?

The sky really is the limit at WorkShop. I thrive when I am challenged, and WorkShop always trusts me to take on the challenge!  

What is needed to succeed at WorkShop?

WorkShop has a very strong culture and I think embracing that is really important! It’s very easy going but at the same time characterized by all of us having a high level of ambition both for our selves and the people around us. Be a “doer”, spread good energy and be responsive to the organization and you will succeed here!


How do you describe your colleagues?

Young, dedicated and humble. Most importantly everyone is very supportive and fun to be around!