Sanna is a Project Manager working for WorkShop The Retail Agency in Amsterdam.

She started her journey at Workshop in October 2016 at the Stockholm office in Sweden. Later on she became interested in moving to Amsterdam, Netherlands. She had the possibility to continue her journey with WorkShop at our Amsterdam office and start there in a position of a Project Manager in the beginning of 2018.

Read below about this journey and experience from Sanna´s perspective.

Can you tell us about your journey at WorkShop?

WorkShop isn’t a place about prestige or sharp elbows, but a place about its people, clients and where your possibilities are up to you. For me, I started off at HQ in Stockholm but have since a year worked in our Amsterdam office. There are few limits and boarders to what’s achievable, as long as you have a vision and if you are willing to move, to try something else, there are more than one place for you to work.   


How does a normal work day look like for you?

A typical day at work is usually never the same as the day before. Or the day after. Working with big clients means that your scope of work can change from day to day, hour to hour. But typically, we all meet at the office checking the status of all projects, we have a coffee and then we all dive in to the workload. We travel, we visit stores, we join late-night and early morning installations, we go out for lunches and every 4 years we watch the WC games. 


What is needed to succeed at Workshop?

I’d say you have to be client focused and solution oriented. Anything but passive. And you have to be friendly and willing to develop, both yourself and your clients. With those skills and mindsets, you’ll get yourself a fixed desk in no time. 


How do you describe your colleagues?

I think the team at WorkShop is made out of a group of social, open and confident people. We value improvement and to stay interested and curious, but we also know to value a good team spirit, i.e. rooftop BBQ’s, after works, fika’s, trips to the gaming-arcade, picnics and pizza nights.