Linus is working as a Samsung Field Trainer in Stockholm.

He started at WorkShop 2016 and joined the team at Samsung working with Mobile and Tablets. Due to his engagement and always having a coaching approach towards the stores, Linus has built really strong relationships with the stores and partners which is key within Field Marketing.

Read below about Linus’s experience with working in WorkShop.


How does normal day at work look like for you?

Our task on the field is to create good relationships and maintain Shop Excellence at our customers (all operators and chains selling Samsung).

One day can be calm where there is plenty of room to hang out with my customers and fix any problems in a store e.g. an alarm that starts or a demo phone that doesn’t want to start. Other days it can turn extremely hectic in two seconds. Every day is often different from the day before.

What is needed to succeed well as a Field Trainer?

To become a good Field Trainer, I believe that firstly one must be very solution-oriented. If you have that part, the other puzzle pieces usually fall into place. You also need to be able to have a positive mindset and inner calm. This allows you to take a step back, analyse the situation and work strategically.

We also work in teams in different regions of Sweden. It’s therefore important that you can cooperate, help and support your colleagues.

What difference WorkShop from other workplaces?

I feel that WorkShop has a responsive management team. Should one encounter a problem or need help with something, then one can directly contact the responsible person without lots of intermediaries and delayed feedback. Everyone at WorkShop sees the benefit of helping and supporting each other, this I see as a very strong benefit that stands out compared to many other workplaces.


What makes you feel like a WorkShopper, even though you spend more time on the field with another brand?

Haha yes when you worked two years as a consultant for Samsung, it can easily become that way. But I’ve always felt that I have a close relationship with WorkShop and my colleagues in the office. The door is always open, and I feel a sense of security that I know exactly who to call or contact if I need help with anything. Everything from any problem in store to receipt reporting etc.