Best Managed Company for Four Consecutive Years


WorkShop awarded Best managed company four years in a row

juli 1 2023

We're honored to share that WorkShop has been awarded one of Sweden's Best Managed Companiesfor the 4th year in a row, earning the 'Gold Member' status from Deloitte.

WorkShop awarded Best managed company foru years in a row

This achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of our incredible teams, helping some of the largest brands create amazing consumer experiences around the world.


WorkShop is a global consumer experience agency based out of Stockholm, Paris, and New York, helping brands grow through centrally led and locally curated creative marketing initiatives.


It's empowering to get recognized for our high ambitions, drive, and giving our clients and our people opportunities to grow. As we work and help our brands expand into new markets, we remember to have fun. Earning titles such as 'Best Managed Company' and 'Great Place to Work' gives us more reasons to celebrate. "We are in a good place," says Payman Hazheer, the CEO of WorkShop.


David Bergsted

Head of Field Operations