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5 years of creative curation & sound experience

Listen to the ambitious hit single from WorkShop, and the opportunity to experience the full playlist that's
40 years in the making. 


New tracks coming your way soon

2. Activate me like no other
3. Pop(& lock)-Ups
4. Gen Z share me
5. Experiential sounds
6. Drip, drop, One stop shop
7. Data be leading me back to you

Get the full playlist and let us show you how we can continue to create some epic music together.

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Loic Baudry, Business Director & Head of Digital, Paris

This playlist is brought to you by WorkShop, the consumer experience agency. All tracks have been mastered with SONOS during a 5-year partnership together. Working with product launches, events, pop-ups, shop-in-shops, ambassador activations, and digital engagement platforms. Let's continue to curate and create sound experiences together.

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Let us present ourselves

For over 40 years we are Workshop, the consumer experience agency

We are WorkShop

We are here today to be part of the most ambitious project in Sonos history

We are WorkShop



In Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Amsterdam, Paris and Helsinki.

With creatives & innovators, thinkers & doers.

We’re brighter together and turning consumers into fans with heart and energy

We are WorkShop, the consumer experience agency.

We are WorkShop



We’ve built a strong happy community and we thrive as one in our unity

To be, open-armed and inclusive is not just a sentiment, it’s our own sustainable commitment

Like our international program working to welcome immigrants

Or the platform we built to empower women

Because we know, you reap what you sow and we want their careers to flourish and grow

We are WorkShop, Building togetherWe are WorkShop



From the Venice of the North to the city that never sleeps

We got Gen Z moving heads & moving feet

With our Nike Jordan interactive race, we blew the sneakerheads right outta their shoes

By creating digital neighborhood maps so wherever they moved

They had plenty to engage with and choose

We gave Gen Z a way to break free from their chains

We’re always innovating

With that first Tik Tok booth activation, we changed the game

We are WorkShop



We work with the big G, helping Google pave the way

With events and activations so consumers learn and play

We rang in Chromebook’s 10 years (that’s a decade!) with an augmented gaming celebration

Yeah by painting the town red, blue, yellow, green, we made the whole city a Chromebook Nation!

We are WorkShop



We approach this pitch humbly, it’s not just another feather in our hat

We’ve worked with Sonos for 5 years helping you localize and adapt

We pop-uped for MOVE dropped global strategies for ROAM

Brought our European passion and rhythm to your home (in California!)

So let’s crank up the volume one more time, And once again be the best so we all shine

We are WorkShop

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