Creating Immersive Showrooms and Flagships

Brand Experience

Creating Immersive Showrooms and Flagships

Showrooms & Flagships

We have developed flagship concepts and immersive showrooms for both established global brands and brands going DTC.

We put a lot of focus on driving brand awareness, how to get customers to interact with the brand in new ways and identifying the sale opportunities connotated to each touchpoint.

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We turn holistic brand statements into tangible customer experiences. Join us in our journey as we revolutionize the retail space with immersive brand experiences that not only tell a story but also build a strong connection between your brand and the consumer. Let us transform your customer's journey into an unforgettable brand experience!

Shop in Shop & Category Dev.

We develop shop in shops, brand corners and popups within both a retailer and a wholesale context.

It can be hard to stand out and be innovative on a limited space, but this is a challenge we love to take on. Working with both the retailer’s concept, and the brand within, we know the challenges and ambitions from both sides.

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Limited space doesn't necessarily mean limited potential for creativity or influence. In fact, we thrive when faced with the challenge of innovating within smaller areas. We hold a firm belief that, with meticulous planning, intentional design, and a creative approach to visual elements, even the most compact spaces can serve as potent platforms for narrative-driven branding and fostering customer interaction.

Contact us if you want our first thoughts on how to stand out in the commercial landscape!

Measuring the effects

We measure halo effects and longer-term brand transformation agendas connected to the brand experience.

How does a seasonal pop up or a brand temple affect brand sales? How do we measure success? What tech can we utilize to proof our concept?

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Our strategists and insight department foresee retail trends and identify opportunities. Addressing the why, what and where for your brand experience.

Our technology and analytical approach allows you to always benchmark yourself against industry best practices in order to stay ahead of the curve.

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Mattias Schedvin

Retail Strategist

Anna-Karin Öman

Project leader/Account Manager

Johannes Lagerås

Creative Director / Business Director

Fredrik Kridahl

Director of Business Development