Innovative Design and Identity Solutions by Work-Shop.



An innovative concept design agency working with clients across the globe. We work with full scale retail projects and are your experts in retail design, retail identity and brand identity. By developing signature elements formed by your brand ID we are able to enhance your brands physical presence.

We offer a full range of services and can help you create your ideal store in any location. All of our work always stems from a consumer perspective, you can count on us to create the next generation retail concepts. We deliver everything from strategy, new ideas and implementations. We are a full scale team that includes designers, architects and concepts developers. Our team is built to have all your needs covered and we always work with consumer experience in mind and to make it as accessible, engaging and welcoming as possible.


It all starts with a meeting. Let's collaborate and create a concept that fits into your brand's reality

Johannes Lagerås

Creative Director / Business Director

Anna-Karin Öman

Project leader/Account Manager

Mattias Schedvin

Retail Strategist

Erika Gustafsson

Project leader