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The Bangkok based brand Pomelo launched in 2013 and has grown to be a large online fashion platform in South East Asia for multiple brands within the fashion industry.


The strategic and creative project was to create the future store concept for the omni channel customer experience - The Pomelo Way to Shop. 






In January 2020 WorkShop won the international pitch where we competed with several creative agencies around the world.

The collaboration started off by Workshop presenting Pomelo´s future store concept in Bangkok. The ongoing project then meant working side by side on a daily basis – with all the digital tools needed for total insight and understanding. The first two stores with the new concept opened in November 2020 in Jakarta and Singapore.

We developed the best shopping journey for the omni customer, to make the ultimate seamless experience. We wanted the store to be the connection point, leading traffic from the site into the stores and vice versa. The store could be the starting point or a continued journey from the store to the site.

We created The Pomelo Way to Shop.

WorkShop also developed a unique store design with a strong visual identity, with signature elements such as the Pomelo Portal and the Tap. Try. Buy. area.



“Creating a seamless omnichannel experience has always been at the core of what we do at Pomelo, and it’s what allows us to continue expanding our retail presence at a time when other brands may be doing the opposite.”

— Anders Heikenfeldt, Pomelo's Chief Retail Officer


Strategy, concept, design, and communication

The project included strategic directions, creative work and design, concept for branding & communication, product presentation & visual merchandising.

WorkShop was also involved in production drawings and production management when finalising and building the pilot stores.

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