With a new brand platform, Panduro needed to update their existing retail concept and align the shopper experience with the core of the brand; creativity and craftsmanship. 


WorkShop created a store concept based on Panduros new brand platform. The whole store embraces inspiration, creativity, and craftsmanship. The result is a more experience-driven shopper journey, which reaches out effectively to a wider target audience.    


Retail Concept &

Shopper Experience Solution



By defining the role of each category, we were able to simplify the assortment categorization. The 10 categories were translated into 3 hero categories: Creative Art, Creative Market, and Creative Kids.

We created a living and dynamic area where the customers find new and exciting products in line with the ongoing campaigns.


3D Design, Modeling and Production

3D design and modeling of the retail concept give us the opportunity to not only showcase the retail concept with desired surfaces and different objects, but also enables us to get all the correct proportions and measurements for production.