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We were challenged to drive the high heat product, NIKE Jordan shoes, during the pandemic. We needed to create demand and purchasing opportunities without forming a sneakerhead line out the door.


Our answer drove record-breaking sell-out and the interest spread from the target market of the Amsterdam sneaker community worldwide.


Concept & Campaign



Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 13.52.10.png

Focusing on creating a local sense of community, WorkShop developed a digital scavenger hunt throughout the city of Amsterdam. The hunt consisted of 125 locations, a campaign site and physically placed stickers across the city with a unique code that unlocked the ability to purchase online.

Once consumers had bought their sneakers, they reserved a pick-up time to drive them to the store the same day. The sneaker culture is a community always on the hunt for the newest drop, and rather than camping in front of a store to get their hands on an exclusively launched product, WorkShop created an actual hunt that respected social distancing rules. 


We sold out every shoe in record breaking time. 


Product Drop

Given our consumers are mobile-first, we wanted to create a unique and easy-to-use hunt mechanic to match the thrill of scoring high heat sneakers. We were able to captivate and engage with the local community while still impressing fans across the world. The scalable game format we created allows the concept to be rolled out to seamlessly to other store locations and cities.

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