WorkShop Awarded Google Partnership for US Expansion


WorkShop is awarded Google partnership in the US

July 5 2023

Google's Secret Weapon for Global Digital Engagement Unleashed! WorkShop Takes the Reins for Unprecedented Expansion

WorkShop Announces Expansion of Google's Digital Engagement Program

WorkShop, the global agency renowned for transforming shoppers into brand fans, is thrilled to announce the expansion of Google's Digital Engagement Program. Having successfully implemented this program in Europe and Japan, WorkShop is now set to broaden its horizons.

WorkShop has been instrumental in running Google's Digital Engagement Program, a project that has seen significant success in Europe and Japan. This expansion is a testament to the effectiveness of the program and the strong partnership between WorkShop and Google.

"We are both thinkers and doers," says a representative from WorkShop. "We deliver creative, scalable, and data-driven initiatives that transform shoppers into brand fans. Our success with Google's Digital Engagement Program in Europe and Japan is a prime example of this."

WorkShop's approach is digitally led and physically empowered, integrating a mix of services to help some of the largest brands in the world win in retail. The agency's expertise lies in delivering seamless and enjoyable consumer experiences across multiple markets simultaneously. This is achieved by combining centralized competencies, such as top-tier creatives and strategists, with local implementation resources deployed internationally as part of the Advantage Smollan Network.

WorkShop's entrepreneurial culture is driven by a passion for turning challenges into solutions for its clients and providing a platform where talents can fulfill their true potential. This ethos has been a significant factor in the success of Google's Digital Engagement Program and will continue to be as the program expands.


Nora Muqkurtaj

Head of Program Management

Magnus Darke

Design Director

Mike Silver

US Country Representative

Nils Spetz

Head of Brand Advocacy