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WorkShop launches hub for next generation consumer experience creation

January 31 2023

WorkShop knows that it is more important than ever to create seamlessly integrated and creative shopping and brand experiences, in new and all channels.

That is why WorkShop is gathering agencies and companies who share a strong vision for the future, to come together in their new space concept Next Gen Retail Hub.

”There are many coworking spaces, but what makes Next Gen Retail Hub unique is that we are gathering a mix of agencies and competences that complement each other, and in that way enable us to collectively offer a wider tool box for clients and blur the lines of what an agency can do. We want the agencies in this collective to both help each other’s clients, but also evolve through working closely with competences adjacent to what one’s core offering is”, says Payman Hazheer, CEO at WorkShop.

The space of nearly 1000 square meters, and an outside square, is modern and offers efficient business and office solutions. The hub will be home to relevant and progressive retail companies to share work environment, through renting desks and/or utilize the Next Gen facilities to share knowledge, inspiration and spark conversations in new and exciting ways. Next Gen Retail Hub will be a forum active to market, where seminars, events and everything retail will be acknowledged, discussed and celebrated.

”We see this as a fantastic business opportunity to be in the center of next generation retail creation alongside other agencies who also aim high for the future. We’re looking forward to moving in and welcoming our clients to Stockholm’s best looking space”, says Patrik Thulin, CEO & Partner at Retail Academics, which is one of the agencies already confirmed to be part of the Next Gen Retail Hub community.

The space design and concept is created and developed by award winning WorkShop Architects, Creatives and Marketeers. The doors will open to Next Gen Retail Hub in October 2020 at St Paulsgatan 22, bordering Mariatorget in Stockholm City.

Next Gen Retail Hub

Coming together is essential to understand, embrace, and create the future landscape and new definition of retail.

This coworking space is a hub made for the innovators and companies that are driving and creating solutions for the next generation of retail.

This space is a creation from WorkShop, which has a strong history in retail and knows that it takes a group of visionaries to create a strong vision for the future. That's where the Next Gen Retail Hub comes in. We wanted to create a space where we can all thrive, share knowledge, inspire, and push each other to create the next level of shopper and brand experiences.

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