WorkShop Wins Design Award 2020 with Red Cross Pop-Up


Workshop wins in design award 2020 with red cross pop-up

January 31 2023

WorkShop won gold in the Visual Merchandising category with the pop-up for Red Cross, that focused on compassion and sustainability.

The Swedish Design Award is a quality award to acknowledge particularly outstanding Swedish design projects based on criteria of communication, effects, craftsmanship and emotion.

About the Swedish Design Award

The Swedish Design Award is the whole of Sweden’s competition in design and communication, open for all those who work with graphic design, design and visual communication. The winners are selected through 50% jury evaluation and 50% public votes. A unique cooperation to every year recognize and develop Swedish design. The award was founded during the Design year of 2005.

A distinguished jury have selected nominations for this years’ Swedish Design Award recognition, two of which are pop-ups created by WorkShop - The Consumer Experience Agency. The winners were selected based on jury evaluation and public voting. One of the nominated pop-ups is for compassion and sustainability created in partnership with the Red Cross won Gold in the Visual Merchandising category.

Motivation from the jury read "For a clear and inviting concept that creates the sensation of warmth and hope of a better world. An. experience that make you reflect on habits and our existence."

In 2019 WorkShop was awarded with Silver in the Event – Visual Merchandising category for the pop-up concept Taste, created in partnership with Santa Maria.


The pop-up is much more than your normal store, it’s a unique opportunity to build relationships with customers.

One temporary, all-encompassing initiative for not only consumer meetings and experiences, but to climb the brand funnel, drive traffic to e-commerce and resellers, test new products, markets and targets, as well as highlight seasonal assortment.