WorkShop Wins Sweden's Best Managed Company Award 2022


Workshop wins Sweden's best managed company reward again

January 31 2023

WorkShop has for the third year in a row received the reward ”Sweden’s best managed company”, presented by Deloitte in collaboration with Nasdaq. The reward is for companies that show exceptional leadership and strong engagement to create a profitable growth and also a focus on sustainability throughout the entire business.

“We are extremely proud over this achievement and of course we aim to continue being a best managed company for as long as WorkShop exists”

Our CEO Payman Hazheer describes WorkShop’s journey over the past 3 years as: “we have been focusing more than ever to develop new services together with our clients, we have managed to grow our different services at the same time while expanding into new markets. As a result of this our clients want us to provide services across multiple markets. Today we can create, design and implement integrated sales and marketing activities across the globe, which is quite unique”

WorkShop’s main market is the Nordics but are expanding with clients globally and are today providing services in more than 15 markets and in 25 markets by end of 2022.

“This journey has made us go from being a relatively local agency to a respected global agency, which means that we enter a new arena that will only make us better, which in the end benefits our clients!