Back in 2014 WorkShop was first asked to support Nationalmuseum in their strive to become more commercial and visitor friendly in their sales and visitor services on site. This conversation marked the starting point of a great collaboration; a collaboration that resulted in an array of projects ranging from package design to wayfinding elements.

Here you can see a selection of our work for Nationalmuseum.


Shop concept

WorkShop Shop Concept - Nationalmusem

The shop concept creation was focused on interior fittings, shop visual identity as well as product assortment.

Nationalmuseum - Branding
Nationalmuseum - Store Concept
Nationalmuseum - Retail Concept

Wayfinding and navigation Aesthetic

Nationalmuseum - Wayfinding concept
Nationalmuseum - Wayfinding concept

Among other responsibilities, WorkShop created a wayfinding strategy and navigation aesthetics to fit the overall Nationalmuseum environment.




Staff clothing

Nationalmuseum - Branding
Nationalmuseum - Branding
Nationalmuseum - Branding


The newly built Nationalmuseum has been a monumental success. The renovation has been praised among critics and visitor numbers have been through the roof. AndWorkShop got to be part of it as Nationalmusem’s official retail and wayfinding partner.

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