Intel asked WorkShop to deliver a memorable training concept that truly breathes the brand, and maximize learning and impact to level up the retail staff’s knowledge. Intel knows consumers have an overwhelming array of choices when they step into a store, and we wanted the retail staff to play the part of a customer in an unforgettable way.




To represent the array of choices consumers are faced with, participants searched for clues in a ball pit filled with over 7000 balls.

Teams then sorted the clues to match with on-screen prompts.

Intel - The Sea of Choices
Intel - The Sea of Choices
Intel - The Sea of Choices


After progressing through levels of training, the newest Intel products were revealed. All powered by dynamic audio, visual and lighting effects.

Intel - The Sea of Choices


Visitors ranked the training into the top two concepts within its category at the largest home electronics fair in the Nordics.

We brought over 900 of the retail staff through 4 levels of training. And they had a ball doing it!