Intel has always had the challenge of being an ingredient brand, where other companies/OEM´s will always be the ones showing off the finished/on-shelf products. We wanted to challenge Intel on doing something completely new, where specs and PowerPoints would not be a part of the concept.




We did this by reinventing what a training session is and created The Intel Escape Room, a hands-on team building experiential training event. This event challenges participants in a fun, timed, interactive and memorable way.

Intel - Escape Room
Intel - Escape Room
Intel - Escape Room Training Concept

IMPROVING staff Interaction in-Store

The goal, finish all of the puzzles in under 20 minutes and power up the room like Intel® powers tech. In the Intel Escape Room, we not only want to educate participants on the new tech and product offerings, we want them to have Intel® top of mind when it matters the most, when they are interacting with consumers in-store.

Intel - Escape Room Training Concept


By creating this innovative training concept we have opened new doors for Intel and the Field Team. We captured the sales peoples hearts in a way that has NEVER been done before, especially not from a tech-focused brand like Intel. This turned out to be a game changer for our client in terms of improving not only field relations but also the experience of the end-customer.


“Best Event Stand” award at POWER Expo

5.75 out of 6 ratings at Elbit - The highest rated supplier at the entire event.That is out of 130 suppliers and over 5,000 RSP’s attending the event.

Over 1,000 people had the training session at the Escape Room Experience.'

Best Event Stand - Intel Escape Room