Staffing and Recruitment

Great talent for great brands


Professional staff, backed by an experienced administrative support that is ready at your disposal.

If you need an efficient way to increase your staff, we can provide you with consultants who possess the necessary experience and attitude. We understand the importance of finding the right individuals for each assignment and believe that aligning with your company's culture and values is just as important as having the required skills.

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We will get your consultants started quickly with all tools needed to start working from day one. We also provide a platform that makes it easy for you to follow their progress and receive feedback on how they are doing. We have been operating our business since 1979, have a strong presence in all Nordic countries, and can support your company's resource needs from start to finish.

Dealing with payroll, tax reporting and accounting are other areas that we are experts in. If you are looking to relocate your business and need help finding an appropriate office space or relocating staff, look no further. We have a wide variety of different properties available all across the Nordics and our Professional Consultants will make sure that we find the perfect property for you that meets all your needs at an affordable price.


A digital approach to the analog solution. Educating, providing and making your staff into brand ambassadors is what we do and we do it with a data-led strategy development approach.

Our services will help you collect, organize and make your data easily available so that it can be analyzed to give you insights that drive growth in your business.

Become the market leader with your staff, by actively using both standardization and machine learning/AI capabilities.

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The data we gather and present will provide you with actionable insights so that you can make informed decisions about the direction of your company.

The Nordic solution

We provide versatile field marketing services in the Nordics, accommodating all brands and project forms.

Besides staffing, we offer a great recruitment service for our clients as well. Applying the same methods, strategy and values we have in staffing onto our recruitment service, we have been able to achieve wonderful results for a great number of clients, often used as a complementary service after we have achieved the results we wanted with our field marketing project.

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Delivering field marketing in the Nordics can sometimes seem as a troubling task for many companies and brands. This is due to the extensive labor law support all across the Nordic nations. Luckily, this is where we enter. Like our other services, we strive to assist and help our clients in every way possible, we do this by offering coverage and reliable administration around the service, in regards to the labor laws in place for each country.

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Henrik Nordfält

Head of Staffing