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Straight forward at first glance, however the process of merchandising products or displaying them in your store involves a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

At WorkShop, we are data enthusiasts and have therefore included a comprehensive range of data-entry points in our service to allow us to track and provide valuable analytics in real-time, enabling you to automate the placement of your products.

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Your brand is your store and how you display your products is a reflection of your brand. Let us help you with an efficient setup to handle the merchandising, stocking and planogram compliance, maintaining stock levels and ensuring the best possible visibility for your products. You can be either hands on or hands off – tailored to you.


Our software provides diverse merchandising options, maximizing your profits across your business. Empower your retail merchandising with our tools.

Access the data you need to make informed decisions and optimize your planograms, displays, and product positioning with our subscription services. We collect and analyze all the data about your products displayed in-store to provide valuable insights on performance and efficiency.

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Our team is highly skilled and uses proprietary software to gather data on your products, display locations, and performance. Our subscription services offer ongoing feedback on in-store performance.

Retail merchandising uses proprietary software to gather data on your products, display locations and sales performance. Our 3-step subscription services provide you with continuous feedback on how your products are performing. The data is then processed and presented in an “easy to understand” template, enabling fast actions and best optimization of your planograms, displays and product placements.

Showcase your products

It is in the details, that the market leader separates themselfs from the median. We work with a mindset of showcasing products, not displaying them.

Knowing where to showcase your products, when to do it and why, is the difference maker and the strategy that we offer.

Besides showcasing, we offer a wide range of supplementary options, including stock replenishment, planogram compliance and we often handle specific requests from our wide range of customers.

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We use a multitude of metrics when we gather data in retail merchandising and present it, foot traffic inside the store, average basket size, conversion rates and so much more. With our expertise and experience in the retail industry, we are confident in our ability to address your request to enable your stores, whether they be your own, distributors or resellers.

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Go from display to showcase, window shopping to recurring customer and customer to brand ambassador. Contact us down below and start your journey.

Sueb Khan

Head Of Store Experience Services