Tailored Solutions for Your Business Needs in the Nordics

On demand for the Nordics

Our staff are trained to solve every possible issue that can appear, whether it be retail, pop-up, exhibit or showcase.

The staff we provide are trained, skilled and have provided for a multitude of large enterprises in every line of business imaginable. When the need for on demand staffing arrives, we provide the solution. Our staff is ready for all the challenges you face, and we will always surpass your expectations of it.

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Promoters, event staff, visual merchandisers, sales representatives or even brand ambassadors – we cover all ends. Our passionate, educated and competent staff will always ensure that your customers get the proper brand experience.

On demand staffing is available in every nordic country and is always custom made for your needs. The experience we offer to brands is unmatched in the Scandinavian market and the staff always goes above and beyond in order to give the customers the correct brand exposure/experience that you desire.

We serve our clients with a focus on providing flexible retail talents, for inquiries in every range possible for retail purpose.


State of the art data-collecting software, tested and proven training and expert consultancy, ensures great results for our clients no matter the project.

With our diverse knowledge, we can always provide the right staff for the right project. Our education system for on-demand retail staff is highly effective and industry-leading. Through data-driven research, we have identified and developed the right tools, platforms, and people for each job.

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We specialize in retail staffing and have used data from various projects to create a successful formula for delivering the best brand experience to every customer. This includes both long-term and short-term assignments, as well as projects for various brands.

Depending on the project, we can assist with highly skilled analysts to support the collection of data and ensure to maximize the results of the invested efforts. We can provide you with everything from standardized dashboards to more customized solutions to monitor and optimize the sought after effects.

Person, Time, Brand Aligned

Being there for our customers when they need us, is something we take pride in always delivering on.

Our services cover all facets of retail and no matter the problems you face, we have the solution. We offer staffing on demand for both project-based assignment and part-time, for longer and more varied projects.

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With our tailored made solutions we can ensure that you will have staff that will save you time, effort and gain more brand exposure than the rest of the industry.

Having the right staff is crucial when it comes to creating the desired retail experience for your customers. Everything from the interaction, treatment, and even the greeting is essential for your brand experience. It is important to carefully consider the type of staff you hire and the training they receive to ensure that they align with your brand vision and values. This will not only help create a positive and memorable experience for customers, but also help establish and maintain your brand's reputation in the market. Ultimately, having the right staff is essential for realizing the vision you have set for your brand and delivering the exceptional retail experience you strive to provide for your customers.

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Time is off the essence, reach out now! On demand staffing, for retail companies that want to give their customers the best experience possible.

Matilda Bäckström

Head of On Demand