Work-Shop Field Marketing: Boost Your Brand's Presence and R

Field marketing

Bringing the brand experience directly to the customer.

Grow your brand's presence

Our success depends on our skilled team, who work in close partnership with you, delivering the necessary expertise for any challenge.

To be successful in the marketplace, it is essential to have good visibility and a positive presence in retail stores. This includes training and engaging store staff on your brand and products, and effectively activating the products in-store. We tailor our setup and skills to match your needs, ensuring a high return on investment.

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To be the best partner we have developed a comprehensive offering, which includes everything from well-trained personnel to the most efficient tools needed to deliver qualitative and efficient services.

We offer a range of services, including project management, recruitment, field force management, field training, merchandising, and brand ambassadors. By leveraging all of these services, or focusing on specific ones, we can achieve exceptional results for your brand, as we have for many other clients over the years.


Our strategy and insights are designed to help you evaluate the performance of your teams and/or markets, and set an appropriate strategy to take.

With our performance management  focus and tools, you will be able to understand your performance teams and markets to be able to take right actions or set the right strategy, at the right time.

In the offline experience, using data-led strategy development to acuire insights and set aspirations is the key to get ahead of the curve and realise the potential of you teams, staff and brand.

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WorkShop focused on a "where to play and how to win" strategy when working with our field marketing teams, using the data acuired from the current project and projects before it to expand our knowledge and push the industry bounderies for each of our clients.

Get the highest ROI

We assist your brand in creating genuine relationships that inspire genuine interest, leading to brand loyalty.

Building these relationships is crucial for driving sales, and we are here to support you throughout your campaign. By following the data, insights and knowledge we have gathered over the years, our team can confidently claim and thus prove our ability to deliver. Our system enables staff individuals to become brand ambassadors, with the added flexibility of on-demand staffing. Our field marketing team is able to perform at the highest level by following the key performance indicators, guidelines, and requirements set forth for us. We are able to customize and tailor our service to fit the needs of any brand in any retail sector.

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Our approach guarantees a fresh, innovative style to field marketing that will make your brand more accessible. Trained and engaged staff can assist you in developing new campaigns and finding solutions to existing challenges, helping you be more creative. We have insights and experiences when it comes to field marketing which gives us a competitive advantage when boosting our clients brands. You can count on us delivering field marketing services that are far superior to the industry standard.

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Patrik Pramberg

Head of Field Marketing