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Imagine if you could Increase ownership, create real brand advocates, have a sustainable alternative to physical store visits, measure and get data on what’s important to you, and reach all store staff, anywhere, anytime, with a click of a button.

Our engagement program is a fully integrated solution for POS checks, store compliance, Training, personal development, Store demo, merchandising and making sure you’re entire community feels included in your brand. We take a full responsibility for continuously drive engagement throughout the year and make sure every individual feels valued and appreciated to represent your brand in the best possible way. 

This is the future of field marketing, promoters and customer experience. Connect your ambassador network now! 


Brand Advocacy


A program where your ambassadors can be part of something bigger, are driven by unique engagements and continuous interactions, and are given rewarding rewards. Whether Physical or Digital. 

Not only do we offer new news, milestones and VIP insider treatment. We bring Ambassadors into our unique engagement world.

With this program we keep our Ambassadors product knowledge up-to-date and on point. We drive interaction with business challenges and FUN challenges that builds brand love and a strong and active community.


A community that we connect with creating seamless compliance. We have a direct line of connection with the team, no matter where they are located. We also reward them for their achievement and being active. And everyone starts from scratch every month, so no-one feels left behind.

This is the future of engagements.

Creating true brand advocates, activating a community and giving you an extended field team. 


One program that covers compliance checks, demo mode, POS in remote stores, direct line of communication, and direct store checks. And we track all data to create valuable insights for you.

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