Santa Maria - Immersive PopUp in the Mall of Scandinavia


Santa Maria

Santa Maria, a top food brand celebrated for its fine spices, aimed to meet consumers through innovative retail trends. They chose to create an immersive PopUp in the Mall of Scandinavia, tapping into our expertise at WorkShop to conceive and execute this unique customer engagement initiative.

The trend of experien­tial retail

To design a space that truly encapsulates Santa Maria's essence, we dove into understanding the brand, its product range, and its customers. We also explored the larger retail landscape, focusing on the trend of experiential retail and the shifting consumer preferences towards engaging, immersive shopping experiences.

We delved into what the senses of taste, smell, and sight could bring to a retail environment, especially considering Santa Maria's rich product portfolio of spices. Furthermore, we factored in the historical roots and cooking traditions associated with the brand and its offerings.

Retail's future rests with the bravest pioneers who dare to redefine spaces, adopt technology, and prioritize customers. They are the true industry leaders.

Future is for the bravest

The result of our efforts was a captivating PopUp for Santa Maria in the Mall of Scandinavia. The space invites consumers to immerse themselves in the world of spices, cooking, and history. Visitors can engage their senses in a journey that goes beyond traditional retail – exploring the tantalizing scents of spices, witnessing the art of cooking, and discovering the rich stories behind the Santa Maria brand.

This novel retail approach not only provides an unforgettable experience for consumers but also forges a deeper connection between them and the Santa Maria brand. It shifts the focus from merely purchasing products to experiencing the joy of discovery and the shared love for cooking.

Awarded the gold medal

In recognition of our innovative approach, the Santa Maria PopUp was awarded the gold medal at the Swedish Design Price. This accolade is a testament to our ability to incorporate evolving retail trends, design a space that fosters a unique customer experience, and ultimately, reflect the vibrant personality of a brand like Santa Maria. The PopUp stands as a shining example of what retail can achieve when consumer engagement is placed at the heart of the design process.
Retail frontrunners today prioritize innovation, sustainability, and customers. Beyond selling products, they craft experiences, foster communities, and redefine retail boundaries.


Mattias Schedvin

Retail Strategist

Anna-Karin Öman

Project leader/Account Manager

Johannes Lagerås

Creative Director / Business Director
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