Samsung Pop-Up - Experiential Retail Spaces for Product Laun



We wanted to create opportunities for consumers to experience product benefits and how they could elevate their lives in real-time.



Samsung wanted to extend its presence in the Nordics out of the store by offering hands-on experiences when launching their new Galaxy Z Flip4, Galaxy Z Fold4 phones, and their innovative ecosystem counterparts, capabilities, and ease of switching over to Samsung.


In the realm of experiential retail, we do not merely construct spaces, we create unique environments that inspire, educate, and engage. By harnessing smart technologies, we not only validate our solutions, but we also generate invaluable insights, perpetually refining our offerings to align with evolving consumer needs.

Unique environments

We not only created an experiential pop-up solution with multiple tempos and zones for the consumer to be inspired and deep dive into product knowledge on their own terms, but we also made smart pop-ups that tracked passersby traffic, pop-up entries, time spent, specific product interactions and overall experience feedback. This was to not only back up and prove that our solution worked but to create useful insights, so we know how to continue to offer experiences that are relevant to the consumer.

We created three unique pop-ups located in Stockholm, Oslo, and Copenhagen. We chose locations in key traffic areas, two out of the three being central stations, where the same consumers travel regularly and would be able to find those moments to spend with us. This also lets us do some bigger brand-building by being present during their routine travels.

Our pop-ups had five unique sections in every pop-up to answer back to the client's ask. We made an interactive health experience zone where you got to test the tracking capabilities of the Watch 5 Pro in real-time, a Nightography selfie photo booth where you could share your photo to win Samsung headphones, a full Galaxy-connected experience zone, the Switch challenge activation where costumers had to switch data from one phone to another in less than 2 minutes and a full product shopping area.

Consumers could talk to our engaged and highly trained staff, or they could use the QRs on all signage to get any info on their own terms. We offered unique pop-up discount codes to be used on, had localized influencer campaigns driven by Samsung country teams, and created content for TikTok and Instagram to spread the word.


163 000 impressions

The three pop-ups were live for around three weeks and drove a total of 163 000 impressions from passersby and entry traffic. Our core products, the Galaxy Z Flip4 & Z Fold4, had a total of 25 000 unique hands-on interactions. Finally, the overall customer experience was a staggering 97% positive, which was beyond all our expectations.

This booth was one part of the marketing mix and route to a successful brand launch and a pinnacle example of how to connect and activate consumers where they are.


Our pop-ups are not merely transient retail spaces, they are immersive brand-building platforms, woven seamlessly into the daily routines of consumers. With unique, interactive zones tailored to clients' needs, we offer an opportunity to experience products in real-time, transform regular activities into fun challenges, and ultimately, craft moments that resonate beyond the confines of the pop-up.


Shawn Roberts

Creative Director and
Head of brand Experience

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Business Manager
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