Popmart Amsterdam: Interactive Scavenger Hunt & Brand Immers


Pop Mart scavenger hunt

Popmart, known for its vibrant collectible toys, embarked on an ambitious journey to immerse Amsterdam in its rich brand story. The goal was to create an unforgettable physical presence that resonated with the brand's innovative spirit, driving awareness and connection in a competitive market.

Project Overview:

The project centered around a meticulously designed pop-up store, embodying the whimsical and colorful world of Popmart. As visitors stepped in, they were transported into a space where every corner told a part of the Popmart story, with displays artfully showcasing the wide array of collectibles. The atmosphere was electric, a blend of anticipation and excitement, setting the stage for the scavenger hunt.

Popmart's Amsterdam scavenger hunt wasn't just an event; it was a cultural phenomenon. We didn't just create a game; we crafted an unforgettable narrative that resonated deeply with our audience.

Shawn Roberts

Solution - The Scavenger Hunt:

To engage the city of Amsterdam, we deployed a citywide scavenger hunt. Using an app with a detailed geo-map, participants embarked on a quest to find hidden stickers, each bearing a unique code. These stickers weren't just randomly placed; they were part of a larger design, forming the iconic Popmart logo when viewed on the map. This thoughtful integration of brand identity and interactive play made the hunt not just a game, but a journey through the essence of Popmart.

Participant Engagement: The hunt was designed to be more than a simple search; it was an adventure that told a story at every turn. As participants navigated through Amsterdam's streets, they uncovered little pieces of the Popmart narrative, engaging with the brand on a personal level. The excitement was palpable, with groups of friends and families buzzing with anticipation as they moved from location to location, sharing their discoveries and experiences in real-time.

Results and Impact:

The results were phenomenal. Within minutes, half the locations were claimed, and by the end of the event, nearly all 90 locations had been activated. The campaign generated over 260,000 impressions in just three days, a testament to its captivating appeal. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with participants expressing delight and customers praising the innovative approach. Popmart's pop-up and scavenger hunt didn't just meet the set objectives; they created a ripple effect, enhancing brand visibility and setting a new standard for interactive marketing.


Challenges and Innovations: One of the critical challenges was seamlessly integrating the physical pop-up with the digital scavenger hunt. Our solution was to make the physical space a launchpad for the digital adventure, ensuring a smooth transition that kept participants engaged and excited. The use of technology to overlay the Popmart logo on Amsterdam's map was not just a technical achievement but also a creative masterpiece, symbolizing the fusion of brand identity with a city's culture.

Popmart's Amsterdam activation was more than just a marketing campaign; it was a groundbreaking event that reshaped how brands can interact with their audience. It set a precedent for future activations, showcasing the power of combining traditional retail with innovative digital engagement strategies. As Popmart continues to grow, this event will undoubtedly be seen as a pivotal moment in its journey, a point where it redefined what's possible in brand storytelling and customer engagement.

Seeing nearly all 90 locations activated with over 260,000 impressions in just three days was beyond our wildest dreams. This isn't just a win for Popmart; it's a testament to the power of innovative engagement and the incredible spirit of Amsterdam.
Shawn Roberts


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Shawn Roberts

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