Pomelo - Revolutionizing Retail with Omni-Channel Experience



Pomelo, a prominent fashion brand in Southeast Asia, desired to revolutionize their retail presence. Recognizing the rapidly evolving retail landscape and the increasing demand for omni-channel experiences, they sought a partner to redefine their store concept and deliver an immersive shopping journey that integrated physical and digital touchpoints.


They envisioned their store as a pivotal connection point, facilitating seamless transitions between online and in-store shopping. With this objective, Pomelo chose us, WorkShop, to bring this vision to life, initiating what would become 'The Pomelo Way to Shop'.

The ultimate seamless experience.

The best shopping journey

Our first step was an in-depth research and analysis phase, in which we sought to understand the nuanced behaviors and preferences of Pomelo's diverse customer base. We considered key factors such as shopping habits, brand interactions, and digital engagement to define the ideal omnichannel customer experience.

We examined Pomelo’s existing online and offline channels, identifying opportunities for improvement and points of synergy. We also studied the broader retail landscape, looking at market trends, emerging technologies, and best practices from leading retailers. This rich tapestry of data informed our strategy, allowing us to craft a tailored approach that would satisfy both the business goals and the customer needs.

Store to be the connection point

Following the comprehensive planning and design phases, we brought to life a unique store concept that truly encapsulates 'The Pomelo Way to Shop'. The new retail environment we crafted harmonizes Pomelo's digital presence with their physical stores, offering a seamless shopping experience that navigates effortlessly between the two.

By reinforcing the connection between the online platform and physical stores, we've helped Pomelo to harness the full potential of omnichannel retail. This has significantly increased the brand’s visibility and made it possible to direct traffic back and forth between the website and the brick-and-mortar locations.The new concept has effectively turned the store into a dynamic hub for customers, whether they are beginning their shopping journey there or continuing an experience initiated online. It has also reinforced Pomelo's position as a forward-thinking brand, cementing their reputation as a leader in the contemporary fashion retail industry.

In essence, through our extensive research, innovative design, and careful execution, we've helped Pomelo transform their vision into a powerful reality. The success of 'The Pomelo Way to Shop' is a testament to the power of strategic, customer-focused retail design.


Johannes Lagerås

Creative Director / Business Director


Mattias Schedvin

Retail Strategist


Anna-Karin Öman

Project leader/Account Manager

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