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The project was a two-fold challenge presented by NIKE & OQIUM.


The first part was to find an innovative way to drive interest and sales for the high-demand NIKE Jordans during the pandemic, without causing large gatherings of sneaker enthusiasts around the store. The second part was to create an organic influencer campaign to spread the word about the new PEGASUS 37, providing athletes and influencers with a unique experience to share and talk about.

Our approach to launching the new Nike Jordans was all about creating an interactive experience where our sneaker head fans could truly participate with the brand and get to know it in an entirely new way.

The solution

We created the ultimate city-wide digital scavenger hunt throughout Amsterdam. This innovative approach turned the process of buying shoes into an exciting race to unlock the shoes before they sold out. As participants navigated the city, the Jordan Jump logo came to life on their digital map, enhancing the experience and connection with the brand.



The digital scavenger hunt campaign generated immense interest in Amsterdam, leading to a record-breaking sellout of the NIKE Jordans. We sold out all of the shoes in less than 2 1/2  hours. The campaign's success didn't stop there; it continued to activate the sneaker community worldwide. With 30,000 likes, 1,500 comments worldwide with a full reach of +220k, we surpassed both our and our client's expectations.
In the face of a global pandemic, we turned a challenge into an opportunity. By transforming the city of Amsterdam into a digital playground, we brought the excitement of the NIKE Jordans to the streets


Shawn Roberts

Creative Director and
Head of brand Experience

Marlene Björnberg

Business Manager
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