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Next Gen Retail Hub

In the quest to redefine modern workspaces, we created the Next Gen Retail Hub - an innovative fusion of work, creativity, and leisure. This is not just a dynamic co-work space; it's a treasure trove of 'secret gems', designed to inspire, entertain, and engage in the pulse of today's work-life rhythm.

A meeting point, a work place and a hangout for retail innovators in Stockholm

The idea of Next Gen Retail Hub was birthed out of a desire to craft a unique space that marries work, creativity, and leisure in one environment. At WorkShop Concept, we were driven by the goal to create a transformative co-work concept that could cater to modern work habits and lifestyles. This concept would not only provide a dynamic workspace but also encapsulate 'secret gems' that inspire, entertain, and engage its users.

The Next Gen Retail Hub is a testament to our belief that the workspace of the future should be as diverse and dynamic as the people who inhabit it. It's where ideas are born, connections are made, and innovation thrives.

Where ideas are born and connections are made

The journey towards the Next Gen Retail Hub began with thorough research and exploration. We investigated the changing work dynamics, the rising popularity of co-work spaces, and the desire for versatile environments that could facilitate both professional and personal interests.In particular, we aimed to understand what agencies needed in a workspace: room for collaboration, spots for focused individual work, and spaces for relaxation and casual networking. Furthermore, we dove into the potential of integrating unique elements like podcast recording studios, gyms, and popups, to make the space truly multifaceted.

It's a meeting point

The culmination of our efforts was the Next Gen Retail Hub, a ground-breaking co-work concept that redefines the traditional workspace. The Hub is a vibrant melting pot of ideas, activities, and experiences, designed to cater to the diverse needs of agencies and professionals alike.

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The heart of the Next Gen Retail Hub is its versatile workspaces that facilitate both collaborative brainstorming and individual focus. Scattered throughout the Hub are 'secret gems' that enhance the working experience. A state-of-the-art podcast recording studio allows professionals to tap into the booming podcast trend, creating and sharing impactful content right from their workspace.

For those who believe in the power of physical wellness to fuel creativity, the in-house gym provides an opportunity to break a sweat, recharge, and even network informally. To keep things dynamic and interesting, the space hosts an array of pop-ups, bringing fresh ideas and experiences to its users regularly.

The Next Gen Retail Hub is more than a workspace; it's a meeting point, a community, a place to hang out and work. It's a place where professionals can network, learn, create, and enjoy, all in the same space. Welcome to the Next Gen Retail Hub concept, a testament to our belief at WorkShop Concept that workspaces can and should be as diverse and dynamic as the people who use them.

At the intersection of work, creativity, and leisure, we have created the Next Gen Retail Hub. It's not just a workspace, it's a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures collaboration, inspiration, and growth in a dynamic, evolving environment.


Johannes Lagerås

Creative Director / Business Director
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