Modernizing the Nationalmuseum in Stockholm - A Union of Her


Nationalmuseum in Stockholm

Tasked with the challenge of modernizing the prestigious Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, we at WorkShop deftly crafted a union of heritage and innovation. Our mission: to delicately weave service, store, and wayfinding concepts into this national treasure, creating an enriched visitor experience that enhances, rather than overshadows, its profound historical charm.

Design without detracting from its historical appeal

Nationalmuseum in Stockholm, a true national treasure, decided to undergo a comprehensive renovation and modernization. With a deep respect for its historical and cultural significance, we at WorkShop were entrusted with the task of developing service, store, and wayfinding concepts for this esteemed institution. Our goal was to thoughtfully integrate key services and commercial elements into the museum's design without detracting from its historical appeal.

Our work with Nationalmuseum exemplifies our commitment to pushing boundaries while honoring heritage. By introducing modern elements into a historical context, we've demonstrated that great design can bridge time and connect generations.

Thorough analysis of visitor behavior

Before embarking on this prestigious project, we took time to fully understand the unique essence of Nationalmuseum, studying its history, architecture, and the invaluable collection it houses. We aimed to create a design that would harmoniously blend the old with the new, augmenting the museum's existing allure with modern conveniences.

Furthermore, we conducted a thorough analysis of visitor behavior and preferences to understand how to best enhance their experience. We considered every aspect, from their journey through the museum to their interactions with various services and store offerings.

It's about creating spaces that not only preserve the past!

The newly reopened Nationalmuseum now boasts a thoughtfully designed service concept, offering its visitors modern conveniences while maintaining its historical charm. The store concept beautifully integrates commercial elements, providing visitors with an opportunity to take a piece of their museum experience home.

To ensure an intuitive visitor journey through the museum, we designed a clear and elegant wayfinding concept. It guides visitors through the museum's vast collection, enhancing their experience while also respecting the aesthetic integrity of the museum.

This project was an ambitious collaboration, bringing together the 'who's who' of Scandinavia's design elite. The result was an awarded reopening that not only lived up to the museum's legacy but also set a new standard for how modern amenities can be seamlessly integrated into historical spaces.

In all, our work for Nationalmuseum stands as a testament to our capability to balance respect for historical heritage with the introduction of modern service and retail concepts. It's about creating spaces that not only preserve the past but also cater to the needs and expectations of the contemporary visitor.

Reimagining the Nationalmuseum was a delicate balance of preserving history and embracing the future. We seamlessly wove modern services into this national treasure, creating an enriched visitor experience that respects the past and welcomes the present.


Johannes Lagerås

Creative Director / Business Director
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