The Intel Escape Room - Reinventing Training Sessions


The Intel Escape Room

Intel powers some of the coolest technology in the world!


Intel powers some of the coolest technology in the world, but their new tech and marketing training sessions were not leaving participants empowered. We were tasked with creating a way to train the Nordic Retail Staff of Elkjøp and Power that would empower them and raise the coolness factor of Intel®.


We did this by reinventing what a training session is and created The Intel Escape Room, a hands-on team-building experiential training event. This event challenged participants in a fun, timed, interactive, and memorable way. We split the groups into two separate competing teams and started the 20-minute countdown clock to build some urgency. Each escape room puzzle was based on a core takeaway from intel or an actual product interaction. Every time they solved one puzzle, they would unlock the next clue and power up a wall, just like intel powers tech. We wrapped up the race by having the teams finish building a desktop computer by installing intel hardware into a desktop computer. The first to build it properly and power their computer, took home all the glory.



This training event resulted in us winning the Best Event Space, by Power Expo and the Highest Rated Supplier award, 5,7 out of 6, by the Elkjøp Elbit expo, proving we hit the mark by creating the coolest booth at the events and helping keep Intel® top of mind. Both outcomes are based on the participant voting and panel judges. Intel uses the Intel Escape Room as the gold standard of event quality internally.



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