Husqvarna's Retail Transformation - Engaging and Memorable



Husqvarna, a reputable brand known for its excellence in garden and forest equipment, sought to elevate its retail strategy. Aimed at creating a more engaging, memorable, and consumer-centric retail experience, Husqvarna turned to us at WorkShop to assist them on this transformative journey. Husqvarna has been a long-term conceptual partner with us, entrusting its ambition of amplifying multiple touchpoints, concepts, and activations.

From big idea
to retail execution

WorkShop has developed multiple touchpoints, concepts and activations for garden and forest brand Husqvarna.
From big idea to retail execution.

When it comes to retail innovation, our partnership with Husqvarna proves that a thoughtful blend of heritage and modernity can create a customer experience that is truly engaging and memorable. It's about more than products; it's about nurturing a community around shared passions.

It's about nurturing a community

To ensure we captured the essence of Husqvarna while also aligning with the dynamic retail landscape, we started with a detailed exploration phase. We deeply immersed ourselves into the world of Husqvarna, its product range, and its customer base. We studied the gardening and forestry markets, the shopping habits of Husqvarna customers, and the opportunities for innovation and customer engagement within these markets.

Furthermore, we dissected every potential customer touchpoint, examined existing concepts, and analyzed past activations. The goal was to understand where and how we could enhance these aspects to make Husqvarna's retail strategy more effective and consumer-centric.

Big, game-changing ideas

Through our comprehensive approach, we successfully developed multiple touchpoints, concepts, and activations for Husqvarna. These ranged from big, game-changing ideas to intricate details of retail execution.

The touchpoints we designed ensured a seamless and engaging customer journey, whether the customers were browsing online, visiting a physical store, or attending an activation event. Each touchpoint was meticulously crafted to communicate Husqvarna's brand identity, inform customers about products, and inspire them to enjoy the art of gardening and forestry.

The concepts we developed redefined Husqvarna's retail presence, blending the brand's rich heritage with modern, customer-centric design principles. These concepts transformed Husqvarna's retail spaces into arenas of inspiration, discovery, and engagement, making every customer's interaction with the brand a memorable experience.

The activations we designed breathed life into these concepts. They provided dynamic, interactive platforms where customers could connect with Husqvarna and its products in a personal, meaningful way. From product demonstrations to hands-on workshops, these activations not only highlighted the quality and utility of Husqvarna's products but also enriched the community of gardening and forestry enthusiasts.

The journey with Husqvarna has been a fruitful one, as we continue to work side by side to adapt and grow in an ever-evolving retail environment. Together, we've created a retail experience that goes beyond transactions, fostering a deep and lasting connection between Husqvarna and its cherished customers.

Our work with Husqvarna exemplifies our belief that every touchpoint, every concept, every activation can be a unique opportunity to deepen customer relationships. We don't just develop ideas; we craft experiences that resonate with customers, bolstering brand loyalty and fostering a sense of belonging.


Dr John Karsberg

Head of strategy and insights

Johannes Lagerås

Creative Director / Business Director

Mattias Schedvin

Retail Strategist
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