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Offline and online consumer experiences, made easy.

Evolve your consumer experience

Producing content that moves the consumer is the key to consumer interaction.


All content must be consistent with your brand's tonality and storytelling, and relevant to the channel you choose to use. This can consume time and money, which is why the workshop has developed two content studios (Stockholm and Paris) to assist you with all your content production needs.

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Producing content needs to be easy, fast, and agile. Whether it is for your yearly collection release campaign with 100 models, the creation of new assets for your website, an influencer trip around the world, or an organic or paid social media campaign, content should always bring hype to your brand! At Workshop, we have the teams and capacity to do photoshoots and create movies, animated content, podcasts, or even lifestyle content and training events. We also partner with the best-in-class photographers and videographers around the world to meet all your needs and expectations.


With our data-driven strategy, WorkShop has acquired extensive knowledge and data, surpassing industry standards and consistently exceeding client expectations.

We employ a digital growth mindset, leveraging project data to enhance future experiences, both online and offline. With a data-driven philosophy, we continuously utilize gathered data to expand, enhance, and refine our methods, objectives, and rationale. By employing a diverse range of KPIs to achieve our set goals, along with previous data-driven ventures, we seamlessly integrate digital and data-focused approaches, even in offline experiences.

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Since WorkShop works in a variety of areas, we are able to develop creative campaigns that can achieve multiple goals at once. Our integrated agency can work like a spider in the web, being able to design and implement a campaign that solves your needs and creates an elevated brand moving forward.

Gain Brand Awareness

The consumer experience is vital to us. By segmenting customer journeys, we identify pain points, joy sources, and brand significance. This knowledge allows us to create seamless consumer journeys for our clients.

Frequently, our clients approach us with a singular objective in mind. Nevertheless, our aim is to consistently accomplish multiple objectives with each project. This may entail driving sales growth in a specific region, amplifying brand awareness, or cultivating a dedicated community of brand advocates for long-term success.

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Our cases speak for themselves, we have worked with leading brands in every area of retail and continue to expand with more and more talented people in our company, making sure that every creative campaign reaches new heights and leaves our clients with the highest ROI possible.

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We never stop striving to improve our clients' consumer experiences, and we are always looking for new ways to do so. How will we do it for you?

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Design Director

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Director of Business Development