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We are your integrated marketing and agency design partner, dedicated to driving sales and fostering community. As a leading creative agency in Stockholm, our design studio stands out among the top design agencies in Stockholm. Our team of experts, enriched with creative direction, uses a holistic approach to elevate your brand across various industries.

Specializing in services like influencer marketing, social media, digital media, events, pop-ups, and PR, we also pride ourselves on our prowess in creative house endeavors and our innovative creative studios. But our expertise doesn't stop there - we're in a constant state of evolution and experimentation, ensuring we curate the perfect blend of strategies tailored for your brand.

Central to our ethos is the consumer experience. We delve deep to understand your customers and their unique journeys, pinpointing both challenges and delights. This in-depth insight empowers us to craft seamless, personalized campaigns that not only align with but surpass your objectives. Our extensive experience collaborating with industry titans reinforces our confidence in guaranteeing results.

Our achievements resonate with our commitment - having propelled leading brands in retail and other sectors towards their goals. And with our expanding ensemble of gifted professionals, we're unceasingly challenging the norm, aiming to offer even greater value to our partners.


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Shawn Roberts

Creative Director and
Head of brand Experience

Magnus Darke

Design Director

Fredrik Kridahl

Director of Business Development