Transforming Resellers into Brand Ambassadors

Reseller advocacy

Become the best at creating engagement.


Creating brand advocacy.

Through our blend of engaging content, actionable insights, and talented individuals, we will cultivate brand advocacy for your company through your resellers.

The engagement program acts as a unique online hub that facilitates meaningful connections between brands and their brand ambassadors. We prioritize building engagement programs around our customers, ensuring a tailored approach that caters to their specific needs, regardless of the outlet, sector, or business area.

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Our focus is on customization, ensuring that the program serves your needs effectively. We harness the best of both worlds by combining a highly sophisticated digital service with leading experts who provide the human touch that every project deserves. Our dedicated community managers are always prepared to adapt and enhance platform usage and activity. Through engaging training programs, challenging initiatives, prompt responses to inquiries, and recognition of exceptional teams and individual achievements, we ensure an interactive and rewarding experience.


Our technology and approach enable you to continually benchmark yourself against industry best practices, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve.

Our solution integrates a cutting-edge LMS platform that leverages gamification as a leading tool to drive engagement. By utilizing e-learning and educational content, we acquire valuable insights and knowledge, fostering brand advocacy through our field marketing teams.

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In addition to our exceptional tech platform and comprehensive training content, we boast a dedicated team of experts and multiple success stories across diverse sectors. Our engagement program establishes a solid foundation for cultivating brand ambassadors and serves as a central digital strategy for fostering your business growth.
Each project is different and every case presents a new challenge and with every challenge conquered, our engagement program grows stronger.
It is with this strategy, that we can confidently achieve great results, no matter the brand that wants our service.

Gain great brand advocacy

Data is power, and with our platform and expert team, you will gain unprecedented insights and engagement.

The reseller advocacy team utilizes these insights to continually enhance the service, ensuring that every aspect leads to brand advocacy. Our primary objective is to create memorable and valuable brand experiences, further solidifying the relationship between our clients and their customers while fostering brand loyalty.

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Our service is specifically designed to offer valuable insights across a wide range of subjects, allowing us to continuously adapt and refine our approach to achieve the desired outcomes. Allow us to transform your resellers into esteemed brand ambassadors and flagships of your brand.

We use a simple, yet powerful approach: We connect with consumers via a combination of engaging content, actionable insights and talented people. The results our clients get are more motivated and engaged consumers resulting in a more positive perception of the brand.

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Mike Silver

US Country Representative

Nils Spetz

Head of Brand Advocacy

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Director of Business Development

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Head of Program Management